Hazibags have been used by Kier Construction to minimise the environmental impact of their development in Carterhatch Lane, London.


Kier Construction is part of the global company Kier Group that builds and maintains residential, public and commercial properties as well as infrastructure projects. Kier Group has a strong commitment to responsible behaviour, ensuring health and safety is a priority and minimising the group’s environmental impacts.

Kier Construction London is currently constructing 150 new residences in 13 blocks in Carterhatch Lane, Enfield, North London in a £21million project which is due to complete in May 2015.

Managing waste on site

WP 20141006 14 20 13 CROP LRIn keeping with Kier Group’s commitment to minimising environmental impact, James Peterson, Buyer at Kier Group, introduced 200 litre Hazibags at the start of

the Kier Construction London’s Carterhatch Lane development. The flexible intermediate bulk containers are used on site for spills and to store COSHH waste

including mastic tubes, sealants and paint tins.

To achieve consistency across the site and make waste handling as easy as possible, Hazibags are also being used by subcontractors which Kier has specified to improve waste practices onsite.

Benefits of Hazibags

Kier is experiencing many benefits from the use of Hazibags over the drums which they previously used:

  • Hazibags are flat packed and can be easily stored on a shelf. By comparison, the 205 litre drums that were previously used were bulky and took up costly storage space on site.
  • As Hazibags take up minimum storage space, extra stock can be kept on site ensuring that they are immediately available when required.
  • Once full, Kier stacks the Hazibags, ensuring they continue to take up minimal space when used. Again, this was not possible when Kier was using drums.
  • Hazibags are certified for lifting so can be opened and used on different levels of a build and when full can be safely craned back to ground level. This has helped Kier to ensure that hazardous waste generated around the site is disposed of correctly, at whatever level it is generated.
  • The high visibility of the orange Hazibags is helping Kier promote good practice in waste segregation across the whole site.

Client feedback

The site manager of the Carterhatch Lane development, Alan Zipfell, highly recommends the use of Hazibags, saying:

“Hazibags are far more convenient than drums and wheelie bins as they take up much less storage space and are instantly available when required. The fact that we hold copies of the UN certification on site gives us peace of mind that our hazardous waste is contained and transported compliantly. Also, as Hazibags are UN approved and certified for lifting, they can be opened up at the point of waste generation ensuring that it is disposed of correctly. All of this and the fact that we are reducing our carbon emissions by using the Hazibag make it the obvious choice for the containment and disposal of our hazardous (COSHH) waste”.




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