The many environmental, health & safety and practical benefits of Hazibag are being experienced by a range of industries across the UK including construction, manufacturing, offshore energy and asbestos removal.  

“Hazibags are an easy way to safely store hazardous waste. They are also very visible on site, helping to draw the attention of the work force using them. The 200litre bags have proved ideal for us with lots of small sites producing a number of different hazardous wastes. I have recommended Hazibags to our environmental advisor for further usage”.

Philip Billington, Site Engineer, BMMJV Limited

"The use of Hazibag on Lundy Island provided us with a viable solution for the safe and secure transportation of controlled waste on a project that presented numerous challenges due to the strict limitations the location offered”.

Rob Burley, Operations Manager, Gilpin Environmental Ltd

"We identified Hazibag as an industry innovation that could help us manage our waste better and this has definitely been our experience when using them.  Hazibags are helping Redrow Homes meet our commitment to building sustainably and we will continue to use the bags on our forthcoming developments."

Martin Underwood, Purchasing Manager, Redrow Homes Limited

 "Hazibags have proved invaluable in providing a method of disposal which satisfies our business needs, ensuring we remain legally compliant while meeting our environmental responsibilities."

Paul Jones, Director, Offshore Painting Services

"In order for waste to be managed successfully on a site, the facilities we offer need to be simple and professional. The Hazibag provided a perfect solution for us, offering us an innovative way of controlling the storage and disposal of hazardous waste that we are now using as standard practice for all new sites."
Emma Ward, Group Sustainability Manager, McNicholas

“Hazibags have helped us to ensure that hazardous waste is well segregated at levels 30m below ground level. This ensures easy access for site operatives as against their having to individually take the waste up six levels to be disposed of in ground level COSHH bins.  Mobility of the product also means that the Hazibags can be easily craned out of the interchange tunnels which are 30m below ground level.”
Olubukola Olose, Environmental Advisor, Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade Project 

“Where the use of skips are not possible due to site restrictions, Hazibags provide us a safe, secure, and compliant means of storage and transportation for our hazardous waste. We have recently utilised Hazibags on multiple sites following their successful use at Highbury & Islington Station for Hochtief (UK) Construction. Hazibags have proved cost effective on projects where the use of a skip would not have been feasible. We will definitely continue to use Hazibags and now see them as an intrinsic part of our waste removal and handling procedures.”
Rob Burley, Operations Manager, Gilpin Environmental Ltd

"After having a review on waste, we realised we could do better on segregating waste. These Hazibags are bright orange which means everyone on sites knows where they are and what they are used for which means better compliance. Now, carrying out audits on waste, we are finding closer to 100% compliance across the Group."
Emma Murray, Senior SHE Business Partner - Environmental, Rydon

"Hazibags have certainly been a good investment, making segregation a lot easier to follow.  What I have noticed is it makes the Sack Store a lot more pleasing to the eye, as it is neat, tidy and more organised than previous storage methods."
Will Johnston, Safety Officer, Stena Spey

"Innovation and the sharing of best practice are at the core of Mace's sustainability strategy. We want to be recognised as one of the leaders in sustainability and we always seek to introduce innovative solutions which will benefit the environment while reducing costs and inefficiencies. The Hazibags are helping us deliver a consistent message across the site around the way we manage and control hazardous waste, and we hope their use will be extended to many more of our sites going forward."
Stephanie Taylor, Environmental Manager, Mace

"Hazibags are far more convenient than drums and wheelie bins as they take up much less storage space and are instantly available when required. Holding copies of the UN certification on site gives us peace of mind that our hazardous waste is contained and transported compliantly. Also, as Hazibags are UN approved and certified for lifting, they can be opened up at the point of waste generation ensuring that it is disposed of correctly. All of this and the fact that we are reducing our carbon emissions by using the Hazibag make it the obvious choice for the containment and disposal of our hazardous (COSHH) waste".
Alan Zipfell, Site Manager, Kier Construction London

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