What are Hazibags used for?

The strong and flexible Hazibag is used for the containment and transportation of a wide range of solid hazardous wastes including COSHH waste, spill response, contaminated soil, asbestos waste and Japanese knotweed.

Do Hazibags meet UK legislation?

Hazibags are UN approved for the containment and transportation of Packing Groups II and III. They meet all relevant EU regulations and UK legislation surrounding the handling, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal of hazardous and dangerous wastes.

How do Hazibags differ from traditional containers?

Hazibags are flexible intermediate bulking containers (IBCs) that provide many benefits over traditional containers such as rigid IBCs, metal drums, wheeled bins and skips. These benefits include safer working practices, reduced transport costs and emissions, saved space and ease of storage. Find out more about the benefits of Hazibag.

What are Hazibags made of?

Hazibags are made of grade 5 Polypropylene with double stitched, welded seams and zipped tops. Hazibags are used with a choice of 80, 150 or 200 micron liners.

Where can I purchase Hazibags?

Hazibags can be purchased from Windsor Waste Management, the exclusive licensee for Hazibags in the UK. Orders can be placed by calling 01708 55 99 66 or by emailing enquiries@hazibaguk.com.

How are Hazibags delivered?

Depending on the quantities ordered, Hazibags are delivered via courier or transport company.

How many times can I use a Hazibag?

Hazibags are designed for single use and are disposed of with the hazardous materials they contain. 

How should I store Hazibags?

Hazibags should be stored undercover in the sealed plastic bags in which they arrive.

How do I use Hazibags?

Hazibags are suitable for a wide range of solid hazardous wastes including COSHH waste and all types of site. They should always be placed on a flat surface and, if liable to movement, be secured with a frame or other device. Each bag should be clearly labelled by waste stream and European Waste Code (EWC). Signage and frames can be purchased from Windsor Waste Management by telephone on 01708 55 99 66 or by email at enquiries@hazibaguk.com.

How do I move Hazibags?

Hazibags can be placed on pallets or directly on the ground and lifted via the pallet or handles using forklift equipment.  Smaller Hazibags such as the 200 litre can also be moved using a hand trolley or similar moving and handling equipment. Hazibags can also be crane lifted and are certified for use on roofs and other restricted access areas. Hazibags should never be dragged and should not be lifted manually once full. Prior to any movement, bags that are in use or full should be sealed. Each Hazibag comes with clear instructions for use.

What is the weight limit for Hazibags?

Each Hazibag in the product range has a different weight limit with the highest being 1,000kg. Please see the product range for further details.

How are Hazibags collected?

Windsor Waste Management offers a fully compliant UK wide transportation and disposal service,  alternatively as a UN certified product, Hazibags can be collected by your existing licensed waste carrier.

What do Hazibags cost?

The cost of Hazibags is dependent on a variety of factors including type of bag and numbers ordered as well as collection and disposal requirements. Please contact Windsor Waste Management on 01708 55 99 66 and we will be happy to provide you with a quote that meets your individual requirements.

How can I find out more?

Find out more about this innovative product by contacting us on 01708 55 99 66 or at enquiries@hazibaguk.com.

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