Hazibag has been helping Stena Drilling improve their hazardous waste management on the Stena Spey rig in the North Sea. 


Stena Drilling is one of the world’s foremost independent drilling companies and part of the international Stena group of companies.  The company operates in the North Sea, Far East Asia, Caribbean, South America, Australia, and West Africa and has a clear commitment to ‘safeguard the company's resources and the resources of the world around us’. 

Stena Drilling identified that the Hazibag would provide a great improvement to the way the company managed their hazardous waste, particularly COSHH waste, on the offshore drilling rig, Stena Spey in the North Sea.

Managing waste on site

WP 20141006 14 20 13 CROP LRStena Drilling introduced one cubic metre Hazibags into the ‘Sack Store’ on Stena Spey where hazardous waste is stored. 

The Hazibags are used to store empty hazardous waste containers including 20 litre industrial detergent drums, oil drums and paint tins.

Rope is attached to the four lifting points of the Hazibags which are secured around H-Beams within the deck-heads (roof) of the Sack Store.

Each bag is identified with waste labels to ensure correct waste segregation.

Benefits of Hazibag

Stena Drilling has experienced a number of benefits of using Hazibags on Stena Spey, particularly:

  • Hazibag are making segregation of hazardous waste a lot easier to follow, helping improve environmental compliance and the general management of hazardous waste

  • Hazibags are much easier to store making the Sack Store neater and tidier than with previous hazardous waste storage methods

Client feedback

"Hazibags have certainly been a good investment, making segregation a lot easier to follow.  What I have noticed is it makes the Sack Store a lot more pleasing to the eye, as it is neat, tidy and more organised than previous storage methods."

Will Johnston, Safety Officer, Stena Spey


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