Civil engineering companies Taylor Woodrow and BAM Nuttall are using Hazibags on their joint venture upgrading Tottenham Court Road Station.


In a joint venture, civil engineering companies Taylor Woodrow and BAM Nuttall are upgrading Tottenham Court Road Station.  The complex £480million project includes expanding the existing ticket hall and building a new Crossrail ticket hall, installing new escalators and lifts, creating a new concourse and entrances, and improvements to the area around the Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street junction.   The work started in 2011 and is expected to be completed in 2016.

Managing waste on site

CIMG0687Environmental Advisor on the Tottenham Court Road project, Olubukola Olose, introduced Hazibags to trial on the Taylor Woodrow and BAM Nuttall site.  200 litre Hazibags have been used to contain COSHH waste including paint tins, mastic tubes and sealants in the old ticket hall that is now being fitted out, in the interchange tunnels and in the construction area for new lift shafts and escalators. 

Benefits of Hazibag

Taylor Woodrow and BAM Nuttall have benefited from Hazibags on the Tottenham Court Road Upgrade Project in the following ways:

  • The high visibility of the Hazibags has helped them to ensure better segregation of hazardous waste from other general and construction waste.
  • The flexibility of the Hazibags makes them very portable and easy to set up in the tunnels, ensuring a Hazibag is never too far away from the area of waste generation.  
  • The suitability for restricted access makes them easy to be craned up from the interchange tunnels, 30m below ground level.

Client feedback

Feedback from the Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade Project has been very positive.

“Hazibags have helped us to ensure that hazardous waste is well segregated at levels 30m below ground level. This ensures easy access for site operatives as against their having to individually take the waste up six levels to be disposed of in ground level COSHH bins.  Mobility of the product also means that the Hazibags can be easily craned out of the interchange tunnels which are 30m below ground level.”

Olubukola Olose, Environmental Advisor, Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade Project


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