Hazibags have helped Gilpin Environmental provide safe and compliant transportation for the removal of soil and stones containing dangerous substances from Highbury & Islington Station.


Transport for London (TfL) is replacing the A1 Highbury Corner Bridge to ensure its continued safe usage and to avoid any further unplanned closures or restrictions. 

Hazardous waste removal company, Gilpin Environmental Ltd (sister company of Sam Gilpin Demolition Ltd) was contracted by Hochtief (UK) Construction and TfL as part of this ongoing works at the Highbury & Islington Station which sits on the bridge. 

Gilpin Environmental was required to remove soil and stones containing dangerous substances from Vault 3 beneath the station. 

photo 3Managing waste on site

The works had to be carried out outside of operating hours whilst the station was closed to the public as the waste had to be transported along the platform, up the public elevator and across the main forecourt.

To ensure safe and compliant transportation, the hazardous waste had to be in sealed units so Glipin Environmental employed 200 litre Hazibags.

The material was loaded into the Hazibags and stored in the empty vaults.  The Hazibags were then transported using sack trucks and loaded directly into a 35 yard container on a wait and load basis.

Benefits of Hazibag

Gilpin Environmental experienced the following benefits of Hazibag:

  • Ease of use
    The Hazibags could be easily stored and delivered to where they were needed in the vaults.
  • Safety and compliance
    The Hazibags were fully compliant and safe for the containment and transportation of hazardous materials through public spaces.
  • Suitability for restricted access areas
    The Hazibags proved ideal for working within the confines of the vaults and the station’s restricted lift access.

Client feedback

“Where the use of skips are not possible due to site restrictions, Hazibags provide us a safe, secure, and compliant means of storage and transportation for our hazardous waste. We have recently utilised Hazibags on multiple sites following their successful use at Highbury & Islington Station for Hochtief (UK) Construction. Hazibags have proved cost effective on projects where the use of a skip would not have been feasible. We will definitely continue to use Hazibags and now see them as an intrinsic part of our waste removal and handling procedures.”

Rob Burley, Operations Manager, Gilpin Environmental Ltd

photo 1


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