McNicholas has specified Hazibags as their preferred option for hazardous waste disposal, particularly COSHH waste, following successful trials over a number of sites. 


Shortlisted as Sustainable Company of the Year in the 2013 Construction News Awards, McNicholas takes a strategic approach to sustainability.  The infrastructure services provider embeds their vision and good practices throughout the company and ensures that they manage the impacts of their operations at all levels.  In line with this approach, Group Sustainability Manager, Emma Ward introduced Hazibag to McNicholas where it was trialled across a number of sites before being rolled out nationwide.

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McNicholas trailled the 200 litre Hazibags for containment and disposal of COSHH waste including paint tins, mastic tubes and sealants.

Benefits of Hazibag

McNicholas has adopted the use of Hazibags for the following benefits:

  • Saved space on sites as Hazibags take up far less space empty that drums or wheeled bins and can be stacked once full
  • Immediate availability as the bags are easily stored and can be delivered directly to site within two days
  • Reduced environmental impact from lower transport emissions in delivery and collection of lighter containers
  • Suitability for lifting and use in restricted access areas
  • Client feedback

Feedback from the trail of Hazibags was excellent so McNicholas has specified Hazibags as their preferred option for hazardous waste disposal going forward.

"In order for waste to be managed successfully on a site, the facilities we offer need to be simple and professional. The Hazibag provided a perfect solution for us, offering us an innovative way of controlling the storage and disposal of hazardous waste that we are now using as standard practice for all new sites."

Emma Ward, Group Sustainability Manager, McNicholas

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