Offshore Painting Services are using Hazibags whist providing painting works to wind turbines on an offshore wind farm. 


Offshore Painting Services specialise in maintaining onshore and offshore wind turbines and other energy related structures.  Their services include surface painting and blade repairs.  Working in challenging conditions, the company takes its health & safety and environmental responsibilities very seriously. 

Offshore Painting Services have been working for around six months with one of the UK’s top energy providers, providing painting works to the wind turbines on one of their wind farms, situated off the North West coast.

Managing waste on siteDSC 0813 MChimp

The process requires various materials to be managed and used in line with COSHH Regulations. Due to the nature of the products used, mixing is conducted on site, out at sea. The empty containers and excess solidified materials are stored in a combination of 200 litre and one cubic metre Hazibags in which they are then returned to shore for disposal.

Benefits of Hazibag

Offshore Painting Services have benefited from Hazibag in the following ways:

  • Their flexibility and versatility for a wide range of COSHH wastes
  • Their manoeuvrability and ease of storage compared to more traditional solid hazardous waste containers due to being flat packed
  • Their suitability for use in restricted access areas
  • Client feedback

"Hazibags have proved invaluable in providing a method of disposal which satisfies our business needs, ensuring we remain legally compliant while meeting our environmental responsibilities."

Paul Jones, Director, Offshore Painting Services



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