Gilpin Environmental have benefited from using Hazibags to remove asbestos waste from the lighthouse on Lundy Island.  


The island of Lundy lies 12 miles off the coast of Devon and covers an area of 1.72 sq miles.  The largest island in the Bristol Channel, Lundy is considered one of England’s top ten natural wonders and is designated a Site of Special Interest, a Marine Nature Reserve and a Natural Region.

Hazardous waste removal specialists Gilpin Environmental Ltd were contracted by Trinity House as the General Lighthouse Authority to remove asbestos insulating board (AIB) from Lundy South Lighthouse.  The work was part of a refurbishment programme following damage to one of the lighthouse’s interconnected buildings including the roof and insulation. 

Managing waste on site

IMG 3499 LRAll equipment and consumables required for the project had to be transported to and from the island by helicopter, including a modular mobile decontamination unit and secure containment for the waste asbestos.   

Due to the limitations on transportation and the small amounts of asbestos waste involved, Gilpin Environmental used 200 litre Hazibags in which to safely and securely contain the AIB packaged waste. 

On completion of the project, the full Hazibags were airlifted off the island for disposal on the mainland. 

Benefits of Hazibag

Gilpin Environmental experienced the following benefits of using Hazibag:

  • Ease of use
    The Hazibags could be easily transported to Lundy and stored on site ready for immediate use as required

  • Safety and compliance
    The Hazibags were fully compliant and safe for the containment and transportation of waste asbestos

  • Suitability for restricted access areas
    The Hazibags proved ideal for safely and securely airlifting the waste asbestos off the island

Client feedback

“The use of Hazibag on Lundy Island provided us with a viable solution for the safe and secure transportation of controlled waste on a project that presented numerous challenges due to the strict limitations the location offered”.

Rob Burley, Operations Manager, Gilpin Environmental

IMG 3485 LR

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