S&T (UK) Limited is part of S&T Interiors and Contracting, a leading turnkey contracting company operating across 10 countries in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Established in 1977 in Oman, S&T has executed over 150 landmark projects for luxury hotels, villas, high-end residential, palaces and commercial complexes.

S&T work on multiple construction and fit-out projects at any one time throughout London and the UK, working with high profile developments such as the Lalit Hotel, O2 InterContinental Hotel and Apartments and Hyde Park Gate, it is essential that the various types of hazardous waste generated across the company’s sites are managed compliantly and responsibly.

Managing Waste on Site

The nature and type of construction projects undertaken means that there is a vast array of hazardous wastes being generated, ranging from empty paint tins, mastic tubes, empty fuel containers and spill kits to contaminated soil and asbestos waste.

Prior to using Hazibags, S&T was experiencing some challenges with regards to the segregation of hazardous waste on site.ST Crop image HB and Poster

Benefits of Hazibags

Since appointing Hazibag UK across all of their sites in the UK region, S&T have benefited from:

• Single product collections to complex hazardous waste issues, Hazibag UK provide a complete one-stop-shop for all S&T’s hazardous waste requirements.

• A fully compliant and UN approved hazardous waste containment system suitable for many of the hazardous waste types dealt with on site.

• A highly visible and clearly signed system making it easy for staff to segregate and manage hazardous waste on site.

• Technical waste management knowledge from the Hazibag team ensuring 100% compliance.

Client Feedback

Emma Murray, Environmental Advisor S&T (UK) says:

“I like the fact that Hazibag UK provides a one-stop-shop for all of our hazardous waste management requirements. Hazibag UK’s knowledge and expertise has assisted us with the management of hazardous waste on site.”

Karl Taylor, Project Manager at West Park also commented:

“The Hazibag system works really well as the team know exactly where the waste needs to go due to their high visibility and clear signage.”

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