Hazibag has proved ideal for emergency responses following an oil incident on a housing estate earlier this month.

Infrastructure and civil engineering company, Blu-3, was digging holes for new lamp posts on the estate in Croydon on behalf of one of the UK’s top building and civil engineering companies. Engine oil was fly tipped into one of the holes and Blu-3 soaked the oil up with absorbent pillows which were placed in a Hazibag.  The company then removed five wheel barrows of contaminated soil which were placed in another Hazibag.  Windsor Waste Management arranged collection for the Hazibags which were taken to a local licensed hazardous waste transfer station for disposal.

Steve Smithers, Site Agent, Blu-3 says: “Hazibags worked really well in this emergency response situation.  They are easily stored and immediately available.  We are recommending them for all our emergency vehicles.”

Noel Davies, Sales Consultant, Hazibag says: “The benefits these revolutionary products have over traditional IBCs and drums are truly substantial; it’s great to see this in practice.”

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