Balfour Beatty has been successfully trialling Hazibags at a Crossrail site, experiencing the many benefits Hazibags offer over more traditional hazardous waste containers such as drums and wheelie bins.

200 litre bags are being used by Balfour Beatty in Plumstead and the company has prepared a case study to demonstrate the benefits of Hazibag to other Crossrail sites including:

  • Their suitability for containing solid hazardous waste such as empty paint pots, asbestos, used spill kits and a variety of other construction waste which cannot be disposed of with general waste
  • The little space they take up when not in use and their ability to be conveniently and safely stacked when full
  • The cost savings and reduced environmental impact in transportation compared to traditional containers
  • Their suitability for restricted access areas

Paul Wood, Hazibag Manager, Windsor Waste Management says: “Compliance with regulations and high environmental standards are top of the agenda for Balfour Beatty and Crossrail.  We are delighted to see Balfour Beatty using Hazibags at Plumstead and to know that their benefits are being shared with other Crossrail sites.”

Read the case study on Hazibag that Balfour Beatty has produced for Crossrail.


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