As of 1st February 2017 ADR (Accord Dangereux Routier - European regulations concerning the international transport of dangerous goods by road) regulations state that all fibrous asbestos including large and bulk size items MUST be transported in UN approved packaging.

An authorisation for the wrapping of large items was granted by Department for Transport (DfT) last year due to conflicting requirements between CAR regulations, ACOP and ADR, raising concerns over enforcement and insurance, however this authorisation was only valid until 31st January 2017.

It is now a legal requirement that all UN2212 and UN2590 fibrous asbestos must be transported in UN-tested and approved packaging.

If hauliers and asbestos removal companies do not comply with the regulations they are in affect breaking the law and potentially run the risk of not being insured for the hazardous materials they are transporting. Medium Hazibag 1.5m3

Hazibag UK has the solution available in the form of the UN approved Hazibag available in 3 sealable bag sizes – 200 litres, 1,000 litres (1m3) and 1500 litres (1.5m3).

200L and 1000L are ideal for smaller fibrous asbestos items, whereas the 1.5m3 bag with a length of 2.5M is ideal for longer bulky items such as pipes and duct lengths.

Paul Wood, Hazibag Manager commented, “Since this change in regulation it is more important than ever that asbestos waste is managed compliantly and in line with regulations.  Hazibag offers a fully compliant UN approved packaging solution for fibrous asbestos waste and other hazardous waste materials and has been extensively tried and tested in the UK over the last few years."

If you are concerned about the changes in regulations or would like to talk to us about the Hazibag and how we can help to ensure you are compliant please contact your account manager or a member of the Hazibag team on 01708 55 99 66.Hazibah image 1cube and 200 litre

Further information can be found on the following two links:

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