Hazibags have proved to be an ideal solution for Costain Skanska Joint Venture (CSJV) for managing the hazardous waste on the C360 Civils Project, a project which comprises of the construction of several Shafts and Headhouses which form part of the wider Crossrail Scheme

The Shafts and Headhouses are an essential part of the Crossrail project as they provide ventilation and emergency access along the tunnelled section of the railway should it be needed.

Costain Skansksa Joint Venture (CSJV) is the principle contractor for the project with compliance with regulations and standards at the top of their agenda.

Since some of their sites were heavily contaminated with asbestos and other hazardous waste being continuously produced on site, a safe, secure and compliant system for dealing with hazardous waste was essential. DSCF1475

Due to the nature of the sites with much of the work taking place underground and with restricted space, CSJV required a solution which was both practical and cost effective and Hazibag UK’s COSHH Waste Management System was the ideal solution. CSJV used the Hazibag as their chosen hazardous waste containment system across the project, instructing sites to the use the bags as standard best practice throughout the project.

Asha Mistry, Environmental Advisor for C360 commented:

“The site teams have really embraced the use of Hazibags across all C360 sites due to their simple and easy to use nature. Their bright colour, clear pocket for bespoke signage and ability to be stored outdoors are just some of reasons why they have been so well received. The use of Hazibags gives me piece of mind that our projects hazardous waste is being stored and transported with 100% compliance.”

Read the full case study and benefits here.




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