A new campaign has recently been launched by members of the waste sector to raise awareness of how forced labour and modern-day slavery can hit unwary businesses in the UK waste management and recycling sector.

Modern Day Slavery largely involves people being exploited and forced to work for very little pay or no pay at all, under the fear of violence and other repercussions if they don’t fall into line.  Much of it is controlled by organized crime gangs who are also linked to drugs, guns and violence.  root it out

Modern Slavery in the waste management industry is becoming an ever growing problem, partly due to the widespread use of outsourcing for lower skilled labour and the difficulty that can be experienced recruiting these roles.  It is now evident that around two-thirds of victims of human trafficking are placed in a recycling facility at some point during their ordeal.

The ‘Root it out’ campaign has been launched by MRW, working in conjunction with the Environmental Services Association (ESA) and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

The aim of the campaign is to help the recycling and waste management industry identify the problem, aid victims of trafficking and ensure best practice is shared across the whole sector, from smaller regional businesses to national players.

Tony Windsor, CEO, Windsor Waste Management commented:  This type of campaign is long overdue and credit to MRW, ESA and CIWM for hammering home the issue of Modern Slavery and taking this initiative forward. As a business we take Modern Day Slavery very seriously and although we are not legally obliged to do so, we have set out a Modern Day Slavery Policy and have produced a Slavery Questions and Answers document which outlines what Modern Slavery looks like. 

Click here for further information on the campaign.

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