Hazibags have been used by Kier Construction to minimise the environmental impact of their development in Carterhatch Lane, London.

200 litre Hazibags were introduced at the start of the build and are used on site for spills and to store COSHH waste including mastic tubes, sealants and paint tins. To achieve consistency across the site and make waste handling as easy as possible, Hazibags are also being used by subcontractors which Kier has specified to improve waste practices onsite.

The site manager of the Carterhatch Lane development, Alan Zipfell, highly recommends the use of Hazibags, saying: "Hazibags are far more convenient than drums and wheelie bins as they take up much less storage space and are instantly available when required. Also, as Hazibags are UN approved and certified for lifting, they can be opened up at the point of waste generation ensuring that it is disposed of correctly. All of this and the fact that we are reducing our carbon emissions by using the Hazibag make it the obvious choice for the containment and disposal of our hazardous (COSHH) waste".

Read the case study that Windsor Waste Management has produced about how Kier is using the Hazibag.

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